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Sarah Wilkinson

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Sarah is a Body Control Pilates Instructor and a Supervising Instructor for Body Control Pilates educating student teachers. She is a BackCare Practitioner, Back4Good Practitioner and Lower Back Pain specialist.

Sarah is passionate about how Pilates can change your movement, body and the way you feel. Having suffered chronic back problems for many years it was Pilates that alleviated her symptoms. Working closely with local physiotherapists and other practitioners leads to quicker improvements and achievement of goals.

In addition to mat classes Sarah also teaches on Pilates studio equipment. The studio is equipped with reformer, cadillac, chair and Pilates arcs.

Qualifications include; Children’s Pilates, Bone Health, Equestrian Pilates, Pre and post natal Pilates, Pilates for Golf, Pilates for the older person, HIP (High Intensity Power) Pilates, studio equipment, Endurolates and jump board.

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